Tzur Di-Cori


Mr. Di-Cori, who joined IR-Med Ltd as CEO in October, 2023, is a results-driven business professional. During 20+ years of success in the medical device industry, Tzur has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in start-ups and publicly-traded companies.

Tzur served as the CEO of several well-known companies including Dusmit Ltd., Motorika Ltd., and EZSurgical Ltd Israel, where he also was President of its US-based subsidiary, EZSurgical Inc. At LifeWatch Technologies Ltd, Tzur served as President, leading the company to $130M annual sales in the Medical Telemonitoring Solutions sector.

His experience includes the innovative field of medical cannabis delivery systems where he founded and led VEOLI Ltd from innovation to commercialization. Additionally, together with several partners, Tzur established three startups and served as President of G-Medical Innovations Holdings Ltd., where he guided the company to a Nasdaq listing (GMVDF) and market cap of $24.1M. He was also instrumental in the founding of Visuality Imaging Ltd, NatureIM Ltd, and its subsidiary PeptiCore Ltd.

Early in his career, Tzur was Vice President of Sales & Business Development at Card Guard AG, overseeing markets in Asia, the Far East, and Europe.

Tzur’s educational background includes a B.A in Practical Engineering in Electronic & Computers from Singalovski College Tel Aviv, and an MBA from the University of Derby.

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