About Us

IR-MED Inc. is developing a cutting-edge infrared spectroscopy and AI analysis technology platform as a basis for point-of-care decision support devices. The infrared spectroscopy technology allows harmless and non-invasive gathering of bio-information from patient blood and tissue. Bioinformation is then analyzed using the company’s AI process to provide healthcare professionals with decision support in the detection and monitoring of various disease conditions.

PressureSafe, the company’s first product based on this platform, is a handheld device designed to revolutionize early detection of pressure injuries (PI) affecting skin and underlying tissue. Pressure Injury in the US alone accounts for $26.8B in healthcare spending and results in 60,000 deaths annually.  PressureSafe is expected to contribute to early detection of pressure injuries, regardless of patient skin tone. This will drive equitable healthcare and help reduce the toll and cost of PI.

IR-MED holds patents protecting its innovation in noninvasive tissue analysis and in modeling and analysis of subcutaneous tissue.

Ronnie Klein

Co-Founder and CTO

Aharon Binur

Chief Development Officer

Sharon Levkoviz

Sharon Levkoviz

Chief Financial Officer

Avi Vachnis

Avi Vachnis

Head of Software & AI

Yoram Drucker

VP Business Development

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