AI analysis of bioinfo from patient blood and tissue at the Point of Care

IR-MED’s platform is based on the use of harmless infrared detection technology to collect bioinformation from a patient’s blood and tissue in a safe and noninvasive manner, without drawing blood. The gathered bioinfo undergoes classification and analysis in our AI system, providing real-time clinical decision support. Results of the analysis are delivered to healthcare providers and a patient’s electronic medical record.

Infrared Spectroscopy

Enabling products to see beneath the skin

Our infrared technology gathers information from biomarkers in different layers of the skin through optical scanning as follows:

  1. Biomarker profiles are identified for a given medical condition.

  2. A handheld device that contains miniaturized electronics and passive sensors is placed on the skin, where it emits and detects visible light and infrared light.

  3. Biological information is acquired by evaluating light intensity and patterns reflected from the different layers beneath the skin’s surface. 
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AI-powered decision support

Answering clinical questions at the Point of Care

The AI system compares bioinformation acquired by the device to a condition-specific biomarker profile to determine whether a certain area is healthy or diseased The underlying enabler for this is the fact that healthy and diseased tissue absorb and reflect light differently.

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