Nobotics: Determining whether
an ear infection is viral or bacterial

Accelerate treatment and avoid unnecessary antibiotic usage

Based on the company’s core technology platform for bioinfo gathering and AI analysis, Nobotics will bring immediate  decision-support to the pediatrician’s office helping to discern between ear infections that are bacterial in nature and those that are viral. The product is expected to improve care by accelerating treatment and avoiding unnecessary prescription and use of antibiotics.

Current situation - Difficult to discern the source of pediatric ear infections

  • 20 million children annually in the US and Europe are diagnosed with middle-ear infections
  • Doctors have no way of instantly discerning whether fluid buildup behind the patient’s eardrum is bacterial or viral in origin
  • Children under 6 years of age are the largest consumers of antibiotics
  • Over-usage of antibiotics leads to antibiotic-resistant bacteria

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