Noninvasive detection and monitoring of drug levels in blood

The company’s platform will be harnessed to pioneer innovative devices for noninvasive monitoring drug levels without the need for a single drop of patient blood. Future indications could include devices for drug management and testing

Proof of concept study

A first monitoring application was demonstrated in a proof-of-concept clinical study:

  • In the  clinical study, the initial monitoring application aimed to noninvasively and continuously monitor anesthesia levels in patients’ blood in real-time.
  • The study successfully demonstrated the capability of IR-MED’s technology to monitor the blood levels of 40 patients undergoing a short medical procedure, all of whom were receiving intravenous (IV) propofol.
  • Remarkably, this monitoring was accomplished without the need to withdraw a single drop of blood.”

The company, with suitable partners, will explore and develop future applications for its technology in this field. 

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